The Crookeds are conquering Melbourne, and they’re ready to take on the world.


Lead singer and guitarist Sonny had some music ready to go, so he got together with long-time friend, and bass player, Matt and they found Oscar the drummer after a few weeks of searching. The boys hit it off instantly and began working on some material! They eventually stumbled across Aaron, at a local music store, and after some convincing, he decided to join.


2019 saw The Crookeds release their hardest hitting single to date, “Sucker for Pain” via Golden Robot Records, laying the groundwork for the boys to embark on their first ever headline tour. Perfect amounts of grit and splendour combine to create an alluring and epic sound unlike any other. The groove of the bass and drums, paired with virtuosic, Buckley-esque vocals bring a unique and soulful flavour to a classic guitar driven sound.


The Crookeds aren’t wasting any time with the release of their next single “Never Get It”. Taking a more progressive approach, this track showcases a different side of the group. Still holding true to their unique sound – soaring vocals, powerful drums, and gritty riffs – “Never Get It” is a true showcase of the bands’ diverse influence and musicality. A song about lust; it's about being tempted to do something you know you shouldn't, with someone you know you shouldn't be with.


With an ever-growing catalogue of music, and two massive tours under their belts, these guys are proving they are a rock ‘n’ roll force to be reckoned with. The Crookeds are Sonny James Falsone, Oscar Linkson, Matt McLean and Aaron Franks.